This Thursday, November 03, 2022, was held this workshop, to promote the development and growth of Cultural and Creative Industries in Côte d’Ivoire at the Museum of Civilization with the exceptional presence of the Minister of Culture and Francophonie, Francoise Remarck. For this, here is a list of advice given during this workshop.

3 panels that allowed us to define the strategic axes of filing:

  • Specifications to look at
  • Look at the particularity of the background
  • Presentation of the project: you must be precise, ingenious, succinct and avoid, above all, spelling mistakes
  • Prepare in advance with the documents to be provided (scripts, solid producers, budgets, contracts that bind us etc)
  • Always look at the list of people in the committee as it provides useful information
  • Choose a producer with a solid track record
  • Provide an accurate organizational chart of the company
  • Partnering with a producer who has already invested money in our project as this is a guarantee of quality for the investment funds
  • Prepare an estimate, a financing plan
  • The performance guarantee
  • Join groups and networks (a space dedicated to all calls for projects is being created on the Ministry’s website)
  • Follow the cultural model of South Korea

  • Structure, force, help each other, confederate
  • Take standard quotes from the IOF website or make the quote with the production manager.
  • Get in touch with previous winners of these funds to glean information
  • Apply for the RED Sea Fund (from Saudi Arabia):

  • Tell the story of your project in order to play on the affect of the decision-makers. Be honest in the process of telling the project story.
  • Go to a lab to create a historical background for our project
  • Have the projects read by script doctors
  • Find out in the film credits who funded the projects
  • Subscribe to the IOF newsletter
  • Detail the artistic vision of the director (images, artistic references, author of reference, type of light chosen etc…)
  • Look at the type of file submitted on CNC.FR for inspiration
  • Documents to be provided:
  • Short summary of 3 lines
  • Synopsis of 2/3pages
  • Note of intent (example: Philippe Lacôte’s was to talk about his knowledge of MACA due to his mother’s incarceration)
  • Attach a 20-line strategy paper to the funding strategy including a signed production note from the producer.
  • The document must be visual and designed by a graphic artist (at least one image per page of the file). The file must contain additional notes
  • Provide a tax clearance certificate
  • Sign up for workshops such as EADE or INDABA (incubator for French-speaking African producers), come with a project in order to exchange skills
  • Understanding English to pitch your ideas

2 aid programs have been set up to help the film industry:

-PEPITE: aims to reward SMEs and was launched on October 5, 2022 (focal point Amandine Ouélé 0749747429).

-CANEX: promotes the development of creative and cultural industries from 25 to 27 November 2022. Support and develop CCI with masterclasses from script to screen. Focal point Ms. Diallo 0707072657.

– To organize oneself in co-production so that each one brings his effort to produce an audiovisual project. This is a classic and mandatory scheme for big budget films.

– Identify the co-producer based on the territory, the history of the film, and a similar vision etc…

– Have a legal department in your company.

– Having the backing of a government agency in your country makes it easier for new investment capital to come in from other companies.

CANEX 2022

CANEX is the meeting place for the creative and cultural industries, bringing together players in the fields of fashion, culture, dance, literature, film, theater, poetry and many others.

Graduation Alliance ICC

Cinekita supports entrepreneurship. Thursday, October 20, 2022 was held the graduation ceremony (graduation) of entrepreneurs of the ICC alliance at the Institut Français in Plateau.

NISA 2022

On Tuesday, November 6, 2022, was held the 3rd Ivorian night of the 7th art and audiovisual.